Egg Classes

Entries to be in by 10.30 a.m.  Entry fee 20p. Prizes 1st £1.50, 2nd £1, 3rd 50p

  1. One Bantam Egg Any Colour
  2. One Hen Egg Brown
  3. One Hen Egg White
  4. One Hen Egg Any other Colour
  5. 3 Bantam Eggs Any Colour
  6. 3 Hen Eggs Brown
  7. 3 Hen Eggs White
  8. 3 Hen Eggs Any other Colour
  9. 3 Eggs Open Class ( Any other type of Eggs)
    A Trophy will be awarded for the ” Best Egg Exhibit across all classes”

Judge:TBA                       Steward: Mr Alf Cass