Terrier Show

Commencing at 1pm

ONLY undocked & legally docked Terriers may be entered at this show.

ALL Terriers born on or after 6th April 2007 must be legally docked to be entered. Exhibitors must have docking certificates available for examination if required by a show official.

Entry fee £1.50  Rosettes to 3rd place

  1. Best Pet shown by Child under 16 yrs (entry free) 
  2. Lakeland Dog
  3. Lakeland Bitch

Lakeland – Best of Breed  –  Gibson Trophy

  1. Lakeland Puppy (under 1 yr)
  2. Jack Russell Rough Dog
  3. Jack Russell Rough Bitch

Jack Russell Rough – Best of Breed  –  R. Hodgson Trophy

  1. Jack Russell Smooth Dog
  2. Jack Russell Smooth Bitch

Jack Russell Smooth – Best of Breed   –  Gibson Trophy

  1. Jack Russell Puppy (under 1 yr)
  2. Under 12” Terrier Dog
  3. Under 12” Terrier Bitch

Best 12” Terrier in Show  –  Piercy Trophy

  1. Border Dog
  2. Border Bitch

Border – Best of Breed  –  Gibson Trophy

  1. Border Puppy (under 1 yr)
  2. Cross Bred Dog
  3. Cross Bred Bitch

Cross Bred – Best of Breed  –  Gibson Trophy

  1. Cross Bred Puppy (under 1 yr)
  2. Pairs, any age, any sex –  Piercy Trophy
  3. Best Veteran (8 years and over)
  4. Entered

Best Terrier Pup in Show  –  C. Burton Trophy

Ridley TROPHY for the Best Terrier in Show

I.A. Pennock TROPHY for Reserve Terrier in Show

Best in Show qualifies for Cock of the North, Breaston Championship, The National Working Terrier Federation, Pride of Peaks Championship, Scottish Championships, North Wales Conwy Valley, Shropshire & Mid Wales, Best of the West Championship (Egremont).

Classes 1, 4, 9, 14, 17, 18 are not eligible for qualifying championship.

Steward: Mrs Pat Gibson